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Fresh & Simple

Have you ever had a truly fresh cup of coffee?  For most people the answer is no.  Most coffee we drink is not fresh simply because it has been sitting for months in a warehouse or a store.  Coffee hits peak freshness only 24-48 hours after the roast.  This, primarily is why it's so hard to get coffee that's fresh and why so few have actually tasted it. After the 48 hour mark, coffee begins a slow slide to staleness by about the 2-3 month mark.  Many of the coffees at the supermarket were roasted, in many cases, even 6 months previous.  So, it’s really difficult to get a fresh roasted coffee at the local super market.  That is why Genesis Coffee roasts all our coffee in house.  To guarantee quality and freshness.  If you order coffee from Genesis it will be roasted and in your hands for you to enjoy at the peak of freshness.

At Genesis we fire roast all of our coffee to the customers specifications (Light, Medium or Dark roast), cool the beans and package them to be shipped to you. 

Whether you are purchasing Genesis Coffee for use in a business or in your home we are sure that you will love it as much as we do.

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